We are striving to offer the very best quality of fuel for our customers. We are also brokering unleaded and diesel fuel loads in bulk for the best price. If you have any questions regarding our fuel, bulk orders or propane, call, use the contact us form or email us a fuel@weedstore.cc.


  • Low Sulfur diesel with 5% bio-oil added is sold during regular business hours.
  • Come into the store to ask about our diesel discount program and to see if you qualify.
  • Red dyed (non-highway use)diesel & clear diesel is available in bulk loads. (call for details)


  • Ethanol free unleaded fuel with a 86 octane rating is sold at the store during regular business hours.
  • We are the only ethanol free gas station in the Sacramento Mountains.
  • Ethanol free fuel provides better fuel mileage, better shelf life and is better for small motors.
  • Ethanol free and E10 (10% ethanol added) fuel is available in bulk loads. (call for details)


  • We exchange the standard 20lb tanks.
  • Exchanged tanks must be in good condition.
  • We also sell full propane tanks without exchange.
  • Tanks can be used for grills, patio heaters, fryers, etc.
  • Tanks are inspected when exchanged and filled.